Meteor Deployment on Nodejitsu

Install NodeJS : Universal

Install Meteor : curl | sh

Create your meteor app :
meteor create ~/my_cool_app
cd ~/my_cool_app

Install demeteorizer : sudo npm install -g demeteorizer
Demeteorize your app : cd my_cool_app   Then :  demeteorizer
check the version of node in the package.json file under the .demeteorizer folder to be 0.8.X (or more) and not 0.8.18

Create an account on NodeJitsu
Install Jitsu : sudo npm install jitsu -g
Confirm Jitsu : jitsu users confirm login pass
Deploy Jitsu : cd .demeteorizer  Then : jitsu deploy
a prompt question tell you the name of your url, so call it my_cool_app


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